Check Meatball Séance out at the 2018 Dallas Solo Fest in June, and Chicago one-night-only in May!

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Find Out how to be John Michael’s Boyfriend

Meatball Séance

John Michael needs your help with his mom’s meatball recipe to summon her from the dead so she can meet/approve of his new boyfriend. Join JM, as he learns how to have relationships with the living and the dead.

“John Michael left a big ol’ void in Dallas when he headed to the colder climes of Chicago a couple years back. His vibrant one-man shows lit up the local theater scene, injecting his trademark silliness and effervescence into topics that are anything but.” —Dallas Observer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is John Michael actually going to cook meatballs onstage?


Will there be a fire extinguisher?


Will the Audience get to eat the meatballs?

No, the meatballs are offering for his Spirit Mom. Besides, in the great wisdom of the City of Chicago it is illegal for John Michael to feed you his meatballs.

Is this real?

Yes, John Michael is real. He is excited for you to meet his mom, but needs your help in summoning her.

Is there audience participation?

Yes, but there will be a splash zone of sorts in the seating for those audience members who might be interested in dating John Michael. FYI John Michael buys his boy friends a drink during the show.

Is there an industry/student/accessibility discount?

Yes, these are arranged through emailing No questions asked.