John Michael invites you to the 2019 John Michael convention with one hope goal in mind: to stop doing the things we don’t want to do. Whatever happens, it’s clear to us John Michaels that we need to change our man-child behavior and break the cycle that is John Michael or people will stop coming to our one-man shows. John Michael’s playful, irreverent, immersive show asks you to imagine what it’s like to be John Michael… who is imagining what it’s like to be you.

“If the mention of ‘audience participation’ makes you clench up, we’re here to tell you that John Michael’s Delightful Meatball Séance is going to change your whole theater-going world. It’s joyful, raucous, silly, subversive and powerful.” — Jennifer Davis-Lamm, Dallas Observer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is John Michael actually going to cook meatballs onstage?


Will there be a fire extinguisher?


Will the Audience get to eat the meatballs?

No, the meatballs are offering for his Spirit Mom. Besides, in the great wisdom of the City of Chicago it is illegal for John Michael to feed you his meatballs.

Is this real?

Yes, John Michael is real. He is excited for you to meet his mom, but needs your help in summoning her.

Is there audience participation?

Yes, but there will be a splash zone of sorts in the seating for those audience members who might be interested in dating John Michael. FYI John Michael buys his boy friends a drink during the show.

Is there an industry/student/accessibility discount?

Yes, these are arranged through emailing No questions asked.