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Dallas Voice, Arnold-Wayne Jones – Meatball Therapy
If a cooking segment from the Today show about his dead mother sounds morbid, John Michael sees it, rather, as intensely human…It’s not a dour show, though, but an affirming, interactive, community-building experience.


Theaterjones, Kerry Reid – John Michael in Chi-Town
As pick-up lines go, “Would you like to be part of a séance to bring my mom back from the dead?

Chicago Pride, Anthony Morgano – Meatballs with a Chance of Dead Mom
All of this seriousness is tackled with such speed and effervescence so as to render seemingly serious things hilarious.


Hollywood Chicago, Patrick McDonnald -Podcast Interview: John Michael Conjures Up ‘Meatball Séance’
The podcast has a few bad words in it, as a warning, all spoken by John Michael.

Dallas Observer, Jennifer Davis-Lamm — John Michael Workshops Meatball Seance in Dallas
“Expect the usual blend of laughter and heartbreak — but add in a dash of culinary wizardry.”


John and PatientsChicago Pride — John Michael’s ‘Dementia Me’ tackles death and Alzheimer’s with humor
“Expect a couple tears, but far more laughter from John Michael’s hilarious and deeply felt one man show.”


Hollywood in Chicago — John Michael is the One-Man Show in ‘Dementia Me’
“…the talented performer has made a significant splash in the Chicago theater world.”


John Michael FeedsHollywood in Chicago interviews John Michael
“Occasionally we can be surprised through true wonder and serendipity. In August of 2015, John Michael – a Texas native crushed out the funny at the Abbie Hoffman Died for Our Sins theater festival.”

John Michael Salonathon

Chicago Pride Interviews John Michael
“Giving Harry Potter AIDS seemed borderline inappropriate but this kind of shocking absurdity encourages an open dialogue… Spoiler Alert Hagrid Dies.”


John Michael Eats
John Michael Interviews Mike Daisey
“I told Mark Lowry, editor of TheaterJones, that I would ask Mike Daisey better questions than his writer would—which, yes, I realize is bold considering that the only time I’ve interviewed someone was on Grindr.”

Dallas Voice Interview “Oh Grow Up”
“This one patient started to brush her hair with a knife. I didn’t say, ‘Put that down! That’s a knife, it can hurt you!’ I say, ‘I love that brush — can I borrow it and give you another one?'”

John Michael Wins Employee of the Year Award at Assisted Living Center
“Whether on outings, during meals, or during an activity, John Michael’s exuberance and positivity light up both the room and the resident’s faces.”