Meatball Séance

“Hilarious… beguiling… a goofy and heartfelt snapshot of bringing his mom back to life for those who never knew her.” Kerry Reid

dementia_me_reviewDementia Me

“What hits home with greatest force is the growing sense of grief and loss and how one can choose to either be isolated in those feelings or use them as a bridge to greater understanding.” — Kerry Reid

John Michael and the Order of the PenixJohn Michael & the Order of the Penix
“He’s vulgar and highly funny, but John Michael isn’t being provocative merely for the sake of shocking. The Harry Potter metaphors go deeper as he describes a lightning-shaped scar on his penix.” — Mark Lowry

Like MeLike Me

“Every piece that emerges from his hyper-energized imagination unfolds with more clarity, originality and cohesiveness than the previous one. like me focuses more on identity and communication” — Alexandra Bonifield

The A Gays: Stillwater, OklahomaThe A-Gays: Stillwater, Oklahoma
“John Michael frames it as memoir, and he’s not afraid to shift gears into childishness, desperation, or giddy elation. It is a fearless, intense, warm, dizzy self-portrait, and it’s frothy and frenetic enough to keep you submerged throughout.” — Christopher Soden

Would You Like Guys With That?Would You Like Guys with That?
“She thinks I’m at McDonald’s because I need to make ends meet, But it’s because I’m artistically deprived.” — Mark Lowry